About Langaller Farm

Langaller Farm has been home to the 'Upham' family for more than 50 years. Situated on the edge of Dartmoor national Park, it covers over 300 acres within a level valley basin.

Until recently, we have coupled our equine activities
with a pedigree dairy unit of approximately 130Holstein cows. Horses, however, have always had a place within the business with particular emphasis on breeding, showing and hunting. British farming has been in steep decline for a number of years, and expansion of the equine side of the business has been a natural progression.


We are delighted to board mares, and visiting mares often come back to foal down and be covered again. For many owners this takes the stress out of breeding - we take care of the 'sleepless night!' Foaling boxes are equipped with CCTV. In addition, all expectant mothers
are fitted with 'state of the art' foaling alarms.

200 acres of prime dairy grassland ensures that all horses visiting the farm benefit from excellent pastureland, well maintained and rotated to keep it in tip top condition. Home grown hay, haylage and straw provide them with high class forage and bedding. 'Weight Watchers' paddocks are also available for those equine visitors belonging to the 'Larger Than Average Club'. Large barns and covered yards are ideal for
loose housing during the winter months. Mares, foals and youngstock have their own buildings where they run in groups of 5 or 6. This is a favourite system of ours as the horses live as naturally as possible in a herd environment. Owners sending horses into board then have the choice of individual stabling or loose housing, depending on preference and pocket!