Freezing February!

Uploaded : 23 Feb 13

Rain, rain, rain! And now frost, frost, frost! At least the mud has dried up for a moment and we actually turned out a couple of yearlings for a few hours yesterday. Our 'superstar' that is the young stallion Langaller Starring Role, by Catherston Dazzler out of an I'm A Star mare just blows us away with his attitude and trainability. He won his first Prelim dressage class despite the marquee flying past! Jumps clear SJ and XC at Eventers challenge and has now had his first XC school proper jumping ditches, drops and water without care. I will try to add some of his video's on here. Check him out on our FB page. He will be travelling north to the Yorkshire Sports Horse Stallion parade on March the 10th together with Newtown Pedro just to show them in t'north what they are missing!!!!
First mares are now coming in and first foal just 3 weeks away. Have to say that I'm glad we haven't had any early ones this year, poor little mites.