January 2014

Uploaded : 17 Jan 14

Me thinks its time for an update! 2013 is definately put to bed now. As with every year we had our share of ups and downs.Amongst the many 'ups' was qualifying for the Cuddy at HOYS at our local Devon County Show with the lovely hunter mare Chantry Clover Girl, and then qualifying for HOYS with our home-bred Middle-weight Langaller Eve'n So. our young, home-bred event stallion Langaller Starring Role had the most encouraging first season British Eventing, with just 6 runs he won at BE90, was twice placed second at BE100 before winning at BE100. He combined that with covering 37 mares too. Fingers crossed that 2014 will see his continued success. One of the lows has to have been having No Submission put to sleep at the grand old age of 27. He was a lovely, tough Thoroughbred stallion. His legacy will live on in his many offspring for sure.
The first of the 2014 foals will be here in a matter of weeks, foaling boxes need to be scrubbed and camera's anbd foaling alarms serviced.
Already some of the potential show youngsters have moved out of the barns and into their boxes to start their preparations for the show ring. Sadly they don't just appear all shiny and sleek, all toned and well handled, there are months of feeding and leading, trimming and general titivating that goes into turning a nice young horse into a show winner. Hopefully we will again have a team in place for the 2014 season, we certainly have some lovely new faces being 'started'. Although we show a number of our own youngsters we always have room for others and we are very happy to produce for outside owners, whether we show them on the day or you do.
Lets hope the weather simmers down a bit and that spring is just around the corner. The daffodil bulbs are pushing through so it would be far away.