Langaller Farm Terms and Conditions

(i) All mares are left at the farm at the owner's risk.
(ii) All mares will be wormed and have their feet trimmed when the farm deems it necessary,and owners will be charged accordingly.
(iii) Any veterinary advice sought and/or medicines prescribed to visiting mares and foals will be at the owner's cost.
(iv) Stud fees and keep bills to be paid on removal from the farm. Stud fees for Artificial Insemination to be paid in advance.
(v) Hind shoes must be removed before arriving at the farm, or will be removed at the owner's cost by the farm's farrier.
(vi) All mares must have a clear CEM swab before covering.

Whilst every care will be given to your horses during their stay at Langaller, the farm is not responsible for any loss or damage.

Farm Veterinary Surgeon : Ms J. Webster M.R.C.V.S - 01822 860415
Farm Farrier : Mr S. Webster - 01647 440098

Transport: The farm has pleasure recommending :-

Clair Howarth Horse Transport - 01271 858583 & 0385 537117
Clive Jenkins Transport - 01822 612475 & 0836 630600